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Genuine views from active Instagram users instantly! I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Great return for such a small investment!”
Shelley McNabb
Instagram influencer
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“Quick, efficient service. The support team is super helpful and was available for us 24x7!”
Mary Goddard
Business Relations
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“Being a new business, we needed to build our presence on social media. Champ Marketer blew us away with their quick service and delivered on their promise.”
Bradley Singleton
Celebrity Manager


Lately, a lot of people have been attempting to receive attention and popularity through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But it's not easy to gain a loyal base of audience as an individual influencer or a business because, at any given time, umpteen others are vying for the same spot. Building brand awareness can be a difficult task and we're here to take some of that load off your shoulders!
Definitely. Let us explain with an example- If you're scrolling through your Instagram feed and come across 2 new accounts: one with 50 and the other with 5000 followers, which one of them would you most likely end up following? The psychology that works behind following an account with more followers is that you expect quality content from this page even before reviewing it yourself; call it "jumping into the bandwagon”. When people see that your account has a decent following, they consider you to be trustworthy and are more willing to pay for your products or services. Even though a lot more people are doing online shopping nowadays, people like to verify that the account won’t scam them; having real followers is a way of earning that trust of your customers.
Absolutely. We prioritise our customers and the quality of service we provide to them. We can proudly say that we've had numerous satisfied customers for as long as we're operating, and we do not compromise their needs under any circumstances. Many businesses have benefited from the multiple packages we offer. We provide 100% authentic followers that will not merely increase your "followers" count; they will turn into a loyal base of customers. This provides you with a higher return on investment and nudges you to take your account/business to the next level.
As the followers that we deliver are 100% real and genuine people, our team can't remove or transfer followers from your account once they have been delivered. If you wish to remove somebody from your list of followers, you can simply block their account from your Instagram profile.
As we said, the followers you gain are completely real and as active as you and I could be on Instagram daily! They tend to spend a couple of hours if not more surfing Instagram daily. This provides you with an even better opportunity of reaching out to them. As you get these followers, you can increasingly interact with them and create a connection. A lot of our clients have seen tangible results in terms of business growth after going for our service as their interaction with active, real users increased; giving them more reach.
All of our satisfied customers can testify to the fact that our services leave no place for doubt. We never share any confidential information with any individual or third-party websites/applications, so you can be sure of us. Moreover, all of the Instagram followers you'll gain are real and authentic; hence, your account will still adhere perfectly to Instagram's terms and policies. You put your account at risk when a lot of bots follow you. As we don’t engage in that and all the followers will be real-life breathing people, you will not face any issue. In fact, you will get a platform that enables you to reach out to a large pool of people waiting to have their eye caught on something new and interesting.
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Can buying Instagram followers get my account banned?

No way! We strictly adhere to all of Instagram's terms of services and policies, unlike a lot of our competitors that use shady tactics that violate them to get you followers. Your account and all other information remain safe as we work within Instagram's algorithm to find you real followers. Hence, your account stays safe and you can stay worry-free when it comes to getting your account banned.

Can I expect more Instagram revenue if I buy Instagram followers?

Higher traffic on an Instagram page leads the app to highlight your content to users who might be interested in similar stuff. With a spike in the number of followers, your brand now has more customers to buy your products. If you're an individual who's not selling products, you're an influencer looking to work with brands. As soon as brands see your Instagram presence increase, they'll pay you to promote their products on your page!

However, make sure to make the most of your new followers by posting good content! But remember to not ONLY post about branded ads. Make sure to give your audience a relief once in a while or else, they'll end up disengaging. At the end of the day, your new followers are real people who are looking for interesting content that they can connect with. If your content doesn’t resonate with your followers, they are bound to go to other places to get quality content.

A lot of time is spent on social media handles and people are looking more and more for engaging content with they can share with their friends. Everyone wants to have a good social media presence and by our help, you can create that, instantly. With an increased following, you can start marketing your products to a bigger audience base who is interested in your profile. Make sure to create good quality, regular content that keeps your followers interested.

Can I expect an increase in my website traffic when I buy Instagram followers?

Sure! If you own a brand website or a blog where you post, you can link it in your bio, tag it in your posts, create a pathway from your page that redirects to your web page, etc. More followers mean more website traffic too, and once your website attracts more traffic, you can monetise it and earn additional revenue from that source as well. Companies feature ads on monetised websites to reach a niche target audience which is difficult to reach otherwise.

With a combination of the right marketing and SEO, your site could appear at the top of every search list! Just make sure to keep on uploading quality content regularly!

How can I increase my brand reach if I buy Instagram followers from Champ Marketer?

Your followers are the most important ambassadors of your brand. Champ Marketer offers your account real followers that engage and immerse in your brand experience, hence taking your account reach from a few tens to thousands! A large crowd also affects the conversion rate and can increase traffic to your website, thus improving sales and revenue by an impactful amount. A lot of our customers have reached their target growth rate in a very small amount of time after buying Instagram followers from us.

As more real people follow you, the more your audience increases. By using quality content and posting it regularly, you will be able to increase the reach of your brand. You’ll have a ready audience base, you have to market to them. It is like customers walking into your store, you just have to pitch your wonderful products and services to them!

What is the quality of your followers?

We only provide you with the best of followers. We don’t spam your following with people who are barely active, no. Your new followers will be of high-quality, unlike other followers that are practically useless. This is what sets us apart from everyone else. We understand that you are looking for more followers so that you can get genuine engagement. Hence, that is exactly what we deliver. We understand your need and provide you a service that caters to that specific need.

Will my Instagram followers be permanent?

Your Instagram flowers will increase by a few in the days following your purchase, but they will increase steadily thereafter, following your Instagram's natural growth pattern. If for some reason, you notice a few followers reducing, we ensure to replace quickly with our Retention Guarantee.

Will others know that I bought Instagram followers?

Definitely not. It is absolutely impossible to detect that your followers have been purchased because they are all real Instagram users. The only way anyone would ever know is if you explicitly mention it to them!

How do you get genuine Instagram followers?

We will promote your Instagram account via our media partners. They'll show up in the feeds of thousands from our huge community of members from across the world. There will be a large portion of these audiences that'll be interested in your content and choose to follow you, hence ensuring that all our followers are real, active users!

Won't the Instagram followers that I buy, look fake?

It is a common belief that people will be easily able to tell from looking at your Instagram account that you have bought followers. But that is actually far from true. Brands and businesses change social media platforms all the time and encourage their existing base of followers to follow them there too. It is common practice to create a completely new Instagram account, populate it by buying followers, and then after a while when the page is steady, let it organically grow and gain followers.

How will my followers know where to follow me, and will they eventually drop off?

Champ Marketer drives real and active users to follow your Instagram account, and can ensure you that most of them (if not all) will remain interactive with your brand, directly or indirectly. Do remember that just like you would follow a page if you find that they’re not posting or posting relevant content, so will others. Make sure to keep it interesting and keep on posting your content regularly so that your followers can forge a connection with you. If a few followers drop off eventually, we also assure to replace them with new ones. It's actually beneficial in the long run because this mimics the pattern real (not bought) users behave on social media.

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